Ferrari Portofino Red Rental



If you’re looking for a fast and sexy car to cruise around in while in Miami then look no further than the Ferrari Portofino Red rental Miami. It’s a luxury convertible with classic Italian styling and rear-wheel drive that will seat up to four people comfortably.

Here you can learn more about your Ferrari car rental options and how you can secure this amazing vehicle so you can drive around and check out the scene in Miami in style. Be prepared to get noticed and get to where you need to go quickly.


The Ferrari Portofino Red rental in Miami is a great pick since it offers driver versatility and satisfying performance. You can get behind the wheel with confidence knowing it has composed suspension.

Also, if you want a reliable and nice-looking drop-top for checking out the Miami scene then this vehicle is right for you. You’ll feel the power as you quickly pick up speed.

It’s not only a comfortable riding experience but this car will get you around quickly and it’s sure to have passersby in awe of your amazing ride. The best part is that you can have up to four people along for the ride.

The body control is considered excellent and the performance is satisfying in that it has a twin-turbo V-8 engine, 7-Speed Automatic transmission, and low-speed refinement.

You can use the touchscreen infotainment system to view performance, navigation, and other media information.


The  Ferrari Portofino Red rental offers many benefits you simply can’t pass up when you want to go out and explore Miami. It’s a car you can use every day if you want and you can send it from 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds.

One day in this car and you’ll fall in love with it. You’ll quickly notice the undeniably gorgeous lines and hard-top which will ensure good refinement when it’s closed. You’ll also appreciate the comfy, leather-upholstered seats as soon as you take a seat.

You’ll also be pleased about the twin-turbo engine that provides exceptional power right from the start. You’ll find the steering to be easy to handle as it’ll be light and sharp which provides for a smooth driving experience.

The cabin in front is not only attractive but comfortable as well. It’s the perfect size and vehicle for day trips and scoping out the beaches, restaurants, and sights in Miami. The exterior is nothing less than beautiful and impressive – it doesn’t matter if the roof is open or closed.

The interior exudes quality as the cabin is made complete with a mix of leather and metal trim. You’ll certainly be making an entrance and getting noticed when you’re driving this vehicle around Miami.


There are many reasons why you should consider renting the Ferrari Portofino Red rental in Miami, FL. For starters, it offers mind-blowing performance that you’ll soon become aware of once you’re in the driver’s seat.

  • 3.9L Twin Turbo V8 
  • 587 HP
  • 199 MPH top speed
  • 0-60 in 3.5 seconds

You can’t go wrong with the 587 horsepower and you’ll instantly feel the power when you hit the gas pedal. Accelerate with authority using the quick-shifting automatic transmission. You’ll soon experience the adrenaline rush for yourself and feel extreme excitement to be driving one of the best sports cars for getting around and touring Miami.

You’ll feel in control in the race-bred cockpit due to the flat-bottom steering wheel. Additional reasons to consider the Ferrari Portofino Red rental Miami is the car’s performance and crisp and spectacular sound system.

The four-seat design will ensure you can bring the people you want along to enjoy the ride and don’t have to leave anyone behind.

Ride around in true comfort as you sink into the leather-trimmed sports seats. If you’re someone who likes to ride with the top down and the wind blowing in your hair then you should rent the Ferrari Portofino. It’s one of the hottest rental cars we offer and doing so guarantees a memorable and fun experience while you’re in Miami.


Here at Paramount Luxury Rentals, we specialize in luxury car rental in Miami. There are many vehicles to choose from, including the Ferrari Portofino. Our luxury car rental prices are affordable and attractive.

The Ferrari rental price starts as low as $1,000 per day. We have a wide and one of the best selections of luxury vehicles on the market to rent. The Ferrari daily rental pricing and rental experience will be worth every penny and your time.

The rental process is always quick and easy when you choose to work with us. You can review our rental policies right on our website for more details. We want to get you out on the open road and exploring Miami as soon as possible.

Our promise to you is full satisfaction with the rental process from start to finish and driving our luxury vehicles. We focus on quality and ensuring that you get the most out of working with us. We truly are the best luxury car rental Miami and want to have the chance to prove this to you.


Are you ready to get started driving off in a luxury vehicle on the streets and beaches of Miami? Then contact us today to explore our full fleet and car options and choose your vehicle.

Feel free to stop in, give us a call, or send us an email and we will be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.

Are you in the area now or planning to visit Miami soon? Now is the time to get out there and experience all Miami has to offer in style and with a luxury car that will get you noticed.

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