Ferrari 488 Spider White Rental


Ferrari 488 Spider White rental in Miami

It doesn’t get better than a Ferrari 488 Spider White rental in Miami. You cruise along the highways and feel the rumble of the engine as everyone turns to look at your car. The Ferrari brand is iconic, and this is one of the top cars off the production line.

Also, It’s packed full of mightily impressive performance stats and added features to make it a frighteningly fun vehicle to drive. 

Paramount Luxury Rentals offers this stunning Ferrari rental in Miami Beach for around $900 per day. Fill in our online booking form or call us at (786) 441-7392 to reserve your car today. 

The Ferrari 488 Spider White rental gives you superb drop-top driving pleasure straight from Maranello in Italy. As a result, enjoy powerful performance that will knock your socks off, combine with exceptional driving features for effortless control.

Our Ferrari rental in Miami is available in the iconic red colorway, guaranteeing you get the proper Ferrari experience. 

About the Ferrari 488 Spider White Rental in Miami

Speed and acceleration are the two main factors when looking at the Ferrari 488 Spider White. It boasts some mind-bending stats that let you enjoy a luxury supercar in Miami. 

  • 4.5L V8 engine
  • 661 HP
  • 205 mph top speed
  • 0-60 in 2.9 seconds
  • 8000 rpm

Blink, and you will immediately go from 0-60 thanks to the 661 HP engine with 8000 rpm. This is all handled by a dual-clutch, seven-speed transmission that effortlessly glides through the gears as you move up in speed. 

The sound from the engine is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s not a roar; it’s a sonorous wail. It’s the type of sound you can hear from many blocks away, so everyone will know you’re coming. 

The exterior design of this car is what sets it apart from many other performance convertibles out there. It has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, creating a body that slips through the air and prevents as much air resistance as possible.

In fact, this is what makes the car so fast and quick from a standing start – it has underside aerodynamics, which means nothing can stop the acceleration. 

It’s a simply gorgeous design that looks just as good with the hardtop up or down. Keep it up for optimal performance. But this Ferrari 488 Spider White rental still hits top speeds with the roof down. 

Ferrari 488 Spider White Benefits

If you are looking to rent a Ferrari in Miami, you have to understand you’re getting a car that sacrifices space for performance. There are only two seats, but they’re still highly comfortable and keep you locked in place while you’re driving. 

Alongside this, Ferrari has focused on bringing the driver as close to the car as possible. Everything is designed to make your driving experience fluid and effortless. Wraparound satellite pods are angled towards the driver, and a compact dashboard sits behind the wheel.

Also, you have lots of controls on the wheel itself, including easy panels to go up or down through the gears. 

There’s even some decent cargo space in the front, more than you’d expect from a supercar like this. You can easily fit two carry-on suitcases in there, letting you drive to and from the airport in style. 

Why opt for a Ferrari 488 Spider White rental in Miami? If you’re looking for a high-performance car that will let you cruise around Florida with ease, this is the perfect model for you. Also, It has many attributes that you’ll fall in love with the moment you get the keys:


You really can’t rival the performance of this stunning vehicle. It’s the perfect Ferrari rental, giving you everything you need in a Ferrari supercar. The engine sounds incredible, it feels amazing to drive, and it is super fast. 

What’s better than driving around in a red convertible Ferrari? Nothing, that’s what. The 488 delivers one of the best Ferrari designs out there and looks stunning with the roof down. You feel like a proper racecar driver when you’re behind the wheel – the power almost surges through your hands and fills you with adrenaline. 

Drive with the roof up if you’re caught in one of the many random Florida rain showers. Then, cruise at speeds up to 25 mph and you can let the roof down while driving.

Also, It means you don’t have to stop and wait for the roof to come down when the sun is out. Once it’s down, you can unleash the beast within. 


Become one with the vehicle when you rent a Ferrari in Miami. The interior is designed to make your driving experience as seamless as possible. As you steer, the car responds to your every move, and you can see all the key information right in front of your face. The trim is also gorgeous, giving you light brown seats and side panels, contrasted with black. It’s luxury through and through. 


If you want a Ferrari 488 Spider White rental in Miami, look no further than us. We offer competitive prices on all of our rentals, so you can drive the car of your dreams while still having money for petrol. 

Speaking of which, it’s a company policy to ensure every rental has a full tank when you pick it up. So, you’re free to drive off and enjoy your Ferrari rental right away without stopping at a nearby gas station. 

Our company is extremely experienced in handling luxury cars, so we know how to maintain them to the highest standards. Every Ferrari rental in Miami is cleaned and serviced when it comes back to us, so you get to drive something that feels brand new. We’re also flexible with return times – contact us for more information on this. 

Reserve your Ferrari 488 rental today by filling in our online booking form or giving us a call. We’re more than happy to answer any queries, and you can view our full Rental Policies before you book. 

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