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Rent Lamborghini Urus Red in Miami

The team at Paramount Luxury Rentals is happy to announce that our customers can rent Lamborghini Urus with us. This particular offering is the Lamborghini Urus Red rental , the second generation of this revolutionary car.

When first revealed in 2019, the Urus burst onto the scene as the first-ever Super SUV. Also, it blurs the lines between what’s expected of supercars and SUVs. Merging the two together in a vehicle that dazzles and excites. 

If you’re looking for Lamborghini Urus for rent near me, our Urus is perfect. Also, it builds on everything that was great about the original model. Adding new features here and there to supercharge performance and revitalize the style. 

Get in touch with Paramount Luxury Rentals today if you’re interested in reserving your Lamborghini. 

About the Lamborghini Urus Red

The Lamborghini Urus offers wild exterior styling, a phenomenal engine, and excellent SUV capabilities. Some are calling it the ultimate all-around car. Also, it can take you along the vast highways of South Florida with ease. 

All of this is achieved thanks to some impressive engineering from Lamborghini. Which has masterfully crafted a car that brings all of the supercar performance into a package that’s suitable for everyday driving. 

Performance Stats

You can’t consider a Urus rental without looking at the performance specifications and stats. It throws up some stunning numbers that will make you widen your eyes in disbelief: 

  • 4.0L V8 engine
  • 641 HP
  • 0-60 in 3.5 seconds
  • Top Speed of 190 MPH

These are the kind of figures you’d see in a supercar and be impressed with, let alone in an SUV with five seats, four doors, and ample cargo space. Also, it’s a breeze to drive as well, with the all-wheel-drive powertrain dissipating power equally across all of the wheels.


The inside and outside of this vehicle are both stunning. Starting the first thing you notice, the body of the car is expertly designed. Also, it manages to maintain an SUV shape while still giving nods to Lamborghini’s past. 

The wide LED headlights and grille make it look like a predator that’s snarling and ready to pounce. This is further accentuated when you fire up the engine and hear it growl. 

The combination of sharp angles and natural curves make the car stand out and look extremely stylish. Black rims and red brake pads juxtapose against one another to further make the car – and the driver – stand out from the crowd. 

As you step inside the Urus, you get a real sense of premium luxury. The seats are natural black leather, and they are both comfortable and stylish. Also, in the cockpit, you feel like a race driver with a big blocky steering wheel and plenty of features to turn on or off. 

Two large touchscreens dominate the center console and bring a modern touch to this stylish machine. From here, you can control the temperature, entertainment system, and much more. 

Naturally, you want to have an SUV that provides enough space. Otherwise, what’s the point? You’ll be glad to know that when you rent a Lamborghini Urus in Miami, you get a proper SUV. Also, it has five seats with plenty of legroom for adult passengers, and a trunk with enough volume to handle everyone’s suitcases. 


Why should you opt for a Lamborghini truck rental? We have plenty of other cars in our luxury fleet, but this one could be perfect for you. It truly is a one-of-a-kind, delivering a host of benefits you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Driving a Urus is an absolute joy. It’s incredibly responsive to everything that you do, and the performance stats speak for their own. While you’re unlikely to reach the top speed during your time in Miami. Also, you certainly feel the power of the big 4.0-liter engine.

At the same time, the car maintains the functionality you expect out of an SUV. It’s big enough to carry multiple passengers. Also, it has space in the trunk for luggage, sports equipment, or shopping, and it even possesses off-road capabilities. 

Cruise around Miami in style with a Lamborghini Urus rental. You’re going to turn heads and feel special as everyone gazes at the magnificent car you’re driving. But, you also get to cruise in luxury comfort. Also, it’s a very enjoyable car to be inside as you feel safe, secure, and in a wonderful world of your own. 


If the other two points don’t sell it for you, this one will. Rent a Lamborghini Urus in Miami simply to tell people that you’ve been behind the wheel of a Lambo. How many people can say that? Even if you rent it for a day, you can live out the rest of your life knowing what it feels like to hold a Lamborghini steering wheel in your hands. 


There is no better place for a Urus rental than Paramount Luxury Rentals. We specialize in luxury cars, and our team knows exactly how to take care of them. Every single rental vehicle is scrubbed clean and serviced before we rent them out.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we want you to get exceptional value for money. By taking care of our fleet, we can give you cars that are in pristine condition and feel brand new. 

We also provide very flexible rental policies, which few other companies can match. If you’re keen to reserve a Lamborghini Urus in Miami, fill in our booking form or call us at (786) 441-7392.

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