Ferrari California T Red Rental


Ferrari California T Red Rental in Miami Beach

The Ferrari California T Red rental in Miami that could be yours if you choose to reserve it today. Designed for cruising down long highways and making some noise around city streets. Also, this car is draped in luxury and style.

Sumptuous bodywork is complimented with more than an impressive engine. Also, it gives you the car of your dreams during your stay in Florida. Complete with a folding metal hard top, you can cruise around in style with the roof down and the sun shining above. 

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Ferrari California is a popular range of vehicles that burst onto the scene providing drivers with a high-performance convertible. Also, the 2018 version is the latest option in the range.

As a result, built on all of the success that came before it. In fact, this model features many impressive upgrades that make it the best Ferrari California yet. 

As a California T, it boasts a turbocharged engine that delivers optimal performance and a meaty rumble from the inside. Combined with a luxury interior and a stunning body, there’s a lot to love about this car. 

About the Ferrari California T Red Rental in Miami

Inside the vehicle, you have a twin-turbocharged engine that packs a big punch. Also, It makes driving the car an absolute thrill, and you can see why when you look at the performance stats: 

  • 3.9L V8 engine
  • 553HP
  • 196 mph top speed
  • 0-60 in 3.5 seconds

The moment you put your foot on the gas pedal, you feel your Ferrari rental fly forwards. Also, It boasts incredible acceleration that’s aided by the very aerodynamic body.

The car cuts through the air as if nothing is in its way, using the 553HP engine to climb its way to a max speed of just under 200 mph. 

If you’re looking to rent a Ferrari in Miami that makes you feel all the thrills while driving, this is certainly the luxury car for you. 

Interior & Exterior Features

From the outside, the Ferrari California T Red is a beauty. Also, It has a really stunning swoopy design on the body that creates elaborate curves you feel inclined to run your hands over.

There’s a sleekness to it that draws heads and encourages gasps from onlookers. Especially after they see the iconic prancing horse on the wide front grille. 

Looking inside the car, you’re met with a design that blends sports performance with everyday functionality. Also, It’s all black leather upholstery that’s accented with red stitching here and there. You get genuine comfort out of the racing seats in the front – and there are even two small seats for guests in the back. 

The steering wheel is large and chunky, complete with switches to help you control the car’s performance. All the while, you have a large yellow speedometer behind the wheel. That shows you exactly how fast your Ferrari rental is going. 

It’s very attractive to look at, which is great when you’re driving a convertible and people can see inside. Also, you get the addition of a large screen on the center console too, which can be used as a sat-nav to help you get around Miami. 


Why rent a Ferrari in Miami Beach if it doesn’t offer the best driving experience money can buy? The Ferrari California T Red rental does exactly that. Calling upon its might performance stats to power you ahead the moment you turn the engine on.

You get a twin-clutch gearbox as well, making the car even easier to drive. Also, it offers smooth auto shifts when required, or you can switch to the paddle gears on the steering wheel at any time. 

There are two main driving modes to enjoy in this car too: 

  • Sport – tightens every element of performance to give a louder sound from the exhaust, optimal power, and more control in every corner
  • Comfort – designed to make the car easier to cruise around it, offering more braking into corners and an extra comfy ride


We stock lots of luxury rental cars for you to rent, but the 2018 Ferrari California T Red could be perfect for you. If you want something that hits peak performance, looks amazing, and is stunning to drive, then look no further. 

Make every journey one you’ll remember forever thanks to the exceptional engine in this Ferrari rental. You hear and feel the roar coming from the exhaust as you accelerate, encouraging you to go out and explore as much of Miami as you can. 

Zooming around is fantastic, but sometimes you want to sit back and relax as you cruise along scenic routes. The Ferrari California T Red lets you do just that – which a lot of other luxury convertibles do not.

The Comfort mode takes some of the power away and makes the high-speed Ferrari a completely viable cruising vehicle. Pop the top down, enjoy the sights, and have the time of your life. 

Why opt for a Ferrari California rental in Miami? Simply put, you get to boldly claim that you have driven a Ferrari at least once in your life. Also, it’s a feat not many people get to experience, so you can become a member of a very exclusive club. 


Choose us for your Ferrari rental in Miami Beach. We will provide you with an excellent car that’s perfectly maintained. Also, we conduct thorough checks whenever a car is returned to us, cleaning it out as deeply as possible. This ensures that every client gets to rent a car that looks, smells, and feels brand new. 

You will receive a full tank of gas when picking up the vehicle. So you can set off wherever you want right away. We provide very flexible rental policies too. As we understand that schedules can often get ruined while you’re on vacation. Get in touch with us today via the booking form or phone to reserve your Ferrari rental!

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