Bentley Continental Rental Miami Beach


  • Class


  • Horse Power

    4.0L Twin Turbo V8 / 542 HP

  • MRSP


  • 0-60

    3.9 Seconds

  • Top Speed

    188 mph

  • Seating Capacity

    4 People

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Bentley rental Miami Beach

Experience a luxury convertible with incredible performance when you enjoy a Bentley rental in Miami Beach. We’re excited to announce the new 2022 Bentley Continental GTC is available for customers to reserve right now. It’s a luxury performance car with all the thrills and a stunning design that’s sure to turn heads. 

For years, the Continental has been one of the most iconic vehicles around. Now, you can drive it around with our Bentley car rental in Miami Beach. Pop the top down and feel the cool Miami breeze through your hair as you go exploring in this phenomenal car. 

To reserve your Bentley GTC, get in touch with our team today via the booking form or by calling (786) 441-7392. 

Rent a Bentley in Miami FL 

Bentley is a classic British car manufacturer that’s known throughout the world for its sheer quality and style. The Continental has long been the top vehicle in its range. Also, it delivers supercar performance in a car you can drive everywhere with ease. 

The new 2022 GTC has quickly risen to the top of the charts as one of the most coveted Bentley rentals in Miami – and for many good reasons. It’s sleek and stylish, featuring a convertible roof that lets you enjoy the wonderful Floridian weather.

A sporty mesh grille and bright red brake calipers stand out and ensure everyone takes notice of you while you’re driving around. The muscular design is full of perfect angles that create a body you can’t help but stare at. All of this sits on four extremely impressive 20-inch alloy wheels that really make a statement. 

Performance Stats

With this Bentley rental, you don’t just get a flashy car. There’s plenty going on under the hood that adds some substance to the style. When you put your foot down for the first time, a beast is unleashed. 

Drivers get to experience the following: 

  • 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 engine
  • 542 HP
  • 188 mph top speed
  • 0-60 in 3.9 seconds

Top-class acceleration and world-beating power ensure you have the time of your life. The beautiful V8 engine growls and roars as you move the car through the gears. Also makes you feel like you’re driving something that needs to be tamed. Thankfully, Bentley packs the car full of great driving features that make it very easy for you to drive.

You get all of the speed and exhilaration, but in a car that feels smooth at all times. Inside your Bentley car rental, you’ll find one of the most fabulous finishes you’re ever likely to see. Also, four stunning luxury racing seats are in place, meaning you can very easily seat yourself and three other passengers.

The quilted leather is a dream to sit on – and the seats even come with massage features! The interior trim is nothing short of gorgeous. It all looks and feels premium – you start to understand why this car is so expensive and so sought after.

One of the best features is the Bentley Rotating Display. It transforms your touchscreen center console into three beautiful analog dials. It gives you old-school feels, delivering the quintessential Bentley class. 


Aside from the blistering performance stats, your Bentley rental in Miami will provide immense driving capabilities. It’s packed full of innovations that ensure you drive with absolute confidence:

  • Enhanced Sports Mode – optimize your engine, transmission, and suspension to improve dynamic ability. Turn this on, and you can feel a thundering roar from the exhaust that will send adrenaline pumping throughout your body
  • eLSD – electronic Limited Slip Differential varies the amount of torque each rear wheel gets when turning, allowing you to accelerate out of corners with more control
  • Bentley Dynamic Ride – an electronic anti-roll system that controls body roll and keeps the cabin level no matter how hard you’re cornering


As the experts in luxury car rentals, we highly recommend the Continental GTC for anyone looking to rent a Bentley in Miami, FL. Also, It is one of the best cars out there, and here’s why: 

The GTC takes the Continental GT to new levels with a gorgeous convertible roof. It can come down by itself while you drive at speeds up to 30 mph. Also allows you to then speed off into the sunset while enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s the perfect vehicle for driving around Florida, especially in the summer!

Bentley has brought everything together to provide the ultimate driving experience in the Continental GTC. As a result, all of the amazing performance stats combine with the added driving features make this car so fun to drive. Also, you feel in control of every little movement – switching lanes is a breeze, cornering has never felt so fun, and you feel the thrill when putting your foot down. 

From inside to out, the car oozes luxury. Its body is a work of art, with a bold front grille that’s amplified by a sleek yet muscular shape. It looks even better with the top down too!


Inside, you have quilted leather seats with diamond stitching and the finest materials used to complete the trim. You feel like you’re in a special car when you’re driving – everything you touch feels high-end. 

As well as the modern technology used to make the car easy to drive. Also, Bentley has packed this vehicle full of home comforts. It’s compatible with Apple CarPlay, letting you hook your phone up with ease. My Bentley also connects to mobile devices, letting passengers control everything from the music to air conditioning. 

If that’s not enough, you get a built-in noise cancellation system when the roof is up, and an air ionizer that always purifies the air. 


We are the number one place to go for a Bentley rental in Miami. As a company, we specialize in luxury and exotic car rentals, devoting a team to looking after each car around the clock. When you rent from us, you get a car that looks as clean and new as the day it was made. Also, you feel like you’re driving something straight out of the showroom. 

Our company also provides flexible rental policies that give you more control over lease times and when you need to return the car. We’re always on hand to deal with any queries you have – and you get a full tank of petrol whenever you rent from us! Get in touch with Paramount Luxury Rentals today to reserve your Bentley Continental GTC.