Bentley Bentayga Rental Miami


  • Class


  • Engine

    4.0L V8 / 542 HP

  • MSRP


  • 0-60

    3.6 Seconds

  • Top Speed

    190 mph

  • Seating Capacity

    5 People

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2022 Bentley Bentayga rental Miami

A Bentley Betayga rental Miami will give you all the benefits of a spacious SUV with the luxury trimmings of a Bentley. It’s a vehicle that has rewritten the idea of an SUV. Bringing a whole host of features to make every trip feel fantastic.

If you’re looking for a rental to spoil your guests and family with a lavish ride during your trip, the Bentley Bentayga is perfect for you. Reserve this stunning Bentley Bentayga rental with Paramount Luxury Rentals today. Fill out our booking form or call us at (786) 441-7392. 

About The Bentley Bentayga rental

Bentley is one of the most renowned names in the automotive industry. Famed for its high-end luxury performance cars. The Bentayga is the latest in a long line of innovations as the brand looks to move forward and provide new options for drivers.

It is one of the top luxury SUVs on the market right now. It’s delivering a variety of features you won’t find in many other vehicles. No other SUV can compete when it comes to craftsmanship, comfort, or the sheer experience of driving a Bentley Bentayga rental Miami.

There is simply so much to love about this vehicle, and it can be yours throughout your stay in Miami. When looking for a Bentley SUV rental, your first thought is performance. After all, that’s what these machines are known for! You want something that has the power to go fast and get you from A to B as quickly as possible. 

Our Bentley rental car boasts the following: 

  • A 4.0L V8 engine
  • 542 HP
  • 0-60 in 3.6 seconds
  • A top speed of 190 mph

You get supercar-level performance stats in an SUV! It will cruise around Miami without any problems, giving you all the power and style required to explore Florida as a whole. In fact, since its release, this Bentley has earned the title of the World’s Fastest SUV.

Bentley Bentayga Interior Capacity

One of the key reasons to rent an SUV is the capacity these cars give you. Also, our Bentley Bentayga rental provides more than enough room inside the car for a whole group of people to feel comfortable. It boasts five seats and extremely spacious legroom in both the front and back.

Passengers in the back even have the advantage of wireless. Touch Screen Remote allows them to control almost all functions in the car – such as audio, heating, and even mood lighting. 

The cargo space in the back is superb, boasting a capacity that can easily handle all of your vacation luggage. Also, Bentley claims you can fit as many as nine small suitcases in there. So there’s more than enough room for the whole car’s luggage – and then some. 

When looking for a Bentley for rent, you probably wouldn’t expect to come across a vehicle that could take you just about anywhere. Nevertheless, the superb driving capabilities of the Bentley Bentayga mean you aren’t confined to roads. 

It has the driving capabilities to take you off the beaten track and onto some rougher terrains. The all-wheel-drive system allows you to switch from different driving surfaces with ease. All while retaining as smooth a ride as possible. 

Boasting an anti-roll system, this luxury SUV automatically adjusts itself in response to driving conditions. As such, it’s incredibly hard to roll this car or keep it unstable. The result? A smooth and comfortable ride for both the driver and all of your passengers. 


Why opt for a Bentley Bentayga rental in Miami over any other SUV? 

To start, your Bentley will give you the best level of performance out of all SUVs on the market today. Also, It’s the fastest around, yet it has exceptional features to make driving a breeze. All-wheel-drive combined with the anti-roll system makes it extremely easy to drive this car at high speeds on all terrains.

The 8-speed automatic transmission means you can sit back and let the car effortlessly flow through the gears without worrying about stalling. If you’re strictly looking for a performance SUV rental, there is no better car than this. 


Luxurious seating and a spacious cabin greet you on the inside of your Bentley SUV rental. Also, It feels less like you’re driving around in a car and more like you’re in a fancy private jet. The gorgeous rear seats are so comfortable you feel as though you could sit in them for hours on end without getting sore. 

Add the impressive cargo space to this, and you have a vehicle that’s perfect for families or large groups. 

Inside the Bentley Bentayga rental, there is a lot of modern technology making your experience even better. Also, a first-class infotainment system lets you connect your mobile device to the car to control everything wirelessly. There’s even a 20-speaker audio system for the best sound quality you’re likely to find in a car. 

As if that wasn’t enough, you can pair an Apple Watch to the car and control everything from climate control to seat massages from your wrist – now that’s innovation!

Do you want to cruise around Miami in style? Look no further than the Bentley Bentayga SUV. It features one of the best designs of any current SUV, bringing the sleek Bentley look to a bigger car model. It’s the type of car that turns heads and gets everyone asking you questions about it. You’ll seamlessly fit into downtown Miami in a car this stylish. 


If you’re looking for a Bentley Bentayga rental in Miami, Paramount Luxury Rentals is the best place to come. We specialize in all sorts of luxury and exotic cars, guaranteeing you a rental experience like no other. 

Our team works around the clock to ensure every single rental is in pristine condition before we hand it out to customers, So it will feel like you’re driving a brand-new car fresh off the manufacturing line. 

All cars are provided with a full tank of petrol, and we provide flexible lease times, giving you more options when returning the car. For more details, check out our Rental PoliciesContact us today via our booking form or telephone number to reserve your Bentley Bentayga rental right this second!